The Re-Do


After 2yrs of the struggle(life,love,pain,money) of This writer’s block,Ive decided to pick myself up dust off and start again. These 2yrs like a post partum Honeymoon.So as my uncle Toney says, “its time to check this junk at the door”,and grow into my purpose. Well God ,Uncle Toney Im ready. Tierd of the same ole routine.Im tierd of being tierd. I’ve lost business,lost friends,lost myself and my strength. While I was trying 2 be grown starting business and family it all blew up in my face! Just like the birth of my oldest prince,God keeps showing me “Shut up MrsBrooks I run U,your marriage,and business. Networks have to b rebuilt,books reread,relationships remade.A past business partner it took 13yrs as much as she wanted it God said she wasn’t ready. Tierd of learning lessons and missing Blessings. First seek the kingdom and all these thinga will b added to you. Thank you God for second chances. Ready for addition!!!


I Won’t Stop!


Hey yall,

As I wrap up my night I decided to write about the past 2 weeks. Lately there have been a lot of growing pains as I started my new 30 days of personal growth plan that I follow by John C, Maxwell. BTW go get his new book 15 INVALUABLE LAWS of GROWTH, it will bless u I promise. Anyway back to my growth plan. Growth starts with you it starts within. U have to truly look at ur self and say “things have got to change” So as for me I’m ready for the change. Everything I do from here on out is for the better, so if its change so be it. Now my problem is taking my own advice. But I’m here telling u as well as myself, “I can’t stop I won’t stop” I may have many mountains to climb, I may hit some walls but I won’t stop. If I have to walk or run the wheels off my car I won’t stop, Even when the bills are due and people won’t return my calls, I won’t stop. Even if the customers and paydays are not coming as fast as I would like them to, I Won’t Stop! God didn’t bring u this far to leave u!

Mama said there’d be days like this


Wait… What.. did my online wedding planner just say there’s 160 days till my wedding. Wow what is a girl to do when half of her wedding checklist is in the red as in overdue. Last time I checked I had 6 months to marry my lover my friend, the man God know I prayed for. So I got most of the bis stuff done and thought I was cool. I recently went on a business trip and when I cam back it seemed like all hell broke loose. Babysitter changed her rates for overnight sitting,wedding vendors need to be paid and replaced, wedding party acting up need to be cut, I owe more money than I took in last month and I have another business trip in 60days. So I’m doing a lot of cut backs this month. No gourmet dinners or wedding shopping trips This month is about to start the “making through the winter” session. Mama said there’d be days like this when ur eating more beans than steak, days when ur counting more change than dollars. And just when I was about to give up and say to hell with everything I turned to my online girls in the KNOT community. These girls gave me more support and motivation then all 6 of my bridesmaids have in my  10 months of planning. (Yea its been that long with no support told u they need to be cut)This is a perfect example of why Ruffjewel Realtalk was created. I’m planning a wedding and starting a business on a TIGHT budget, So what …it will be OK. So a special shout out to all my online girls on the KNOT yall just saved my wedding!!!

Just Beat It!!!


Hey y’all,

I feel so great and absolutely amazing after attending success training this pass weekend in Charlotte, NC. I feel so renewed and confident. Got that fire in my bones like I been to a holy ghost revival. So after I was coming out of training I heard the song BEAT IT by Micheal Jackson and I took that as a sign. Just Beat it! Beat the odds and be successful in life. Beat the stereotypes and be all u can be. Beat the statistics and don’t  let anything or anybody set limits on ur success. Just like I’m telling u I am also speaking to myself. I’m Just gonna Beat it all. Beat the people or things that try to hold me back on life. I’m gonna Beat the odds that say because I’m black and a woman I will not be successful in business.  I’m just gonna Beat the pavement even harder the next time a prospect says no or cancels a meeting. I saw a 19yr young man old get promoted to RVP after 6 months in the company and saw an older woman who had been with the company 16 yrs before she got promoted this weekend to Senior VP. So as u can see success has no discrimination or requirements. It’s avaliable to the young and the old, the black and the white, male or female. So the next time that u feel defeated and  unable, remember Ruffjewel said Just Beat It and keep moving!!!

Success by way of Charlotte


The feeling in my stiomach, the feeling in my soul that says “Yes u ve made the right decision. The feeling that says “yes the sacrfices were all worth it. Knowing that I miss my babies already butI This is for them . Cause all my sacrfices will give them a life with no lack, they will want for nothing.
In about 30 mins I’ll set foot in a place where Leaders have been born and lives have always changed. A place where no one is judged by color race or creed. It doest matter what college u went to or if ur were a high school dropp out. In this place people from all over the world to sit together with one thing on their mind, SUCCESS! And it comes by way of Charlotte,NC. And this year God has prepared me and my hubby to be(good thing ladys when the man u loves supports u in what u believe in) to seat among this great ness. I once heard Bishop Eddie Long say God has place holders holding ur blessing and the hills and vallies u go through in life is how u reach each place holder. I reached my place holder July 1st 2012 and my blessing was SUCCESS and it comes by way of Charlotte

Hello world!


Ruffjewl who?? Ruff what?? Jewel who?? Its Ruffjewel yall(lol im from TX this will be used often) a lady thats a true gem and loves to sparkle, ruff round the edges to protect her from the outside. A REAL Atlanta house wife(to be we’ll talk about that later) without the celeb status and the reality show. Im one women with many titles: Business Owner,Wedding planner, conusler, motivator, teacher, creator, mother, wife to be, and friend. I want to encourage u through my own experiences and learn from u also how to take life for what it it and be OK with it. With GOD nothing is impossible!!! Im just like u and ur just like me BUT Im going to the TOP!  Like MLK jr said -Im may not get there with u but we’ll all be on that mountain top and be free at last!

PS. Just because Im a woman there is no chick flick here, Fellas I’ll be writting stuff for yall too

God Bless U & Love U

It Might Be RUFF But Its REAL!!